ELN TwinCities Cohort

I’m sitting here at the Chatterbox Pub in Minneapolis waiting to see who shows up. (Ryan just walked in). I’ll post later how the conversation goes. (Steve made it too).

Update: It’s really late. The conversation was wonderful. I have a lot to think about and explore. I’ll sort through my thoughts on the conversation tomorrow.

One for the road: What is the Emerging Church? We had to agree on a vocabulary for most of our conversation, and this piece helped us clarify what exactly an emerging church was. I’m looking forward to reading this book. (After I get through about 100 others). Anyway, here’s a piece:

Emerging Churches are those who take the life of Jesus as a model way to live (one), who transform the secular realm (two), as they live highly communal lives (three). Because of these three activities, they welcome those who are outside (four), they share generously (five), they participate (six), create (seven), they lead without control (eight), and function together in spiritual activities (nine).







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