email with intention and purpose

Trudging my way through my inbox this morning, I encountered an email newsletter product update announcement that I actually enjoyed reading. The message didn’t even matter. The experience was everything. Sadly, this joy was an unexpected sensation.

In theory, there is no dfference in time or cost for good communication over poor communication. One way or the other, you are simply typing words and paragraphs. The distinction arises from the willingness to execute with intention and purpose.

These intentional form and format decisions caught (and kept) my attention:

  • branding consisted of a top centered logo
  • no other visual noise
  • singular purpose to the email
  • describes very concisely each step I should take
  • informs me there will be more detail below the signature
  • very personal thank you for reading
  • signature block with very basic strategic info to stay in touch
  • more detailed information below the signature
  • solid headings for each section
  • higher than average spacing between blocks of content

Maybe someday I’ll come back and share more thoughts on each of these points.





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