Experimental Conversation Series

I love to learn, and I learn best through conversations. I love meeting new people, but not through random LinkedIn Invites, rather through great conversations. And, there are a number of conversations I want to have with existing friends and new people who love great conversations. But, I’m struggling to determine the best place to have these conversations.

Facebook is the easiest tool to reach for, but it just isn’t where I want to bury these threads. I tested branch, but ironically it seems they have removed the whole ‘branching’ thing. I am going to test known at some point. And, I want to see if Kapuno might work too. But, first, I thought I would try the simplest thing that works: small posts + disqus comments.

I’ll try to keep the navigation simple, and the channels of conversations simple. I am most interested in having you participate in the conversations themselves, but if you have questions or feedback about the format, that would be fun too. But, let’s keep the meta conversation to this thread over here.

Kicking Things Off

Below are the topics I’d love to explore. One of the first things I want to do is figure out some of the sub themes that make up these bigger trends. I’m going to brain storm a few ideas, but I’d love to have you help me fill in the gaps! And, I should point out that these posts will be a little bit like wiki pages… they aren’t editable by everyone, but they are living documents that will be updated regularly. I will tweak and improve them based on our conversations.

Life Is as It Is, No Persona, Imperfection is Perfection, Live for the Moment, Vanity is Overrated, Privacy is Everything, Real Friends Love the Real You, Leave No Trace, Just Shared Memories






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