Facebook Friends Code of Conduct

  • New friends are welcome. Please don’t be shy.
  • Please only friend me if you are a person. Companies need not apply.
  • When friending, please share our common connection if there is one.
  • Please feel free to send a message, Voicemail and/or Video message at any time.
  • Once you friend me, please reach out and say hello every once in awhile. I enjoy the interaction and being part of the conversation. Please invest time and create a conversation even if it is small talk.
  • Please do not include me in “Chain messages” unless you know that I know everyone else who is on the message chain. While I appreciate being contacted, I prefer personal and direction interaction.
  • Please do not poke. If you want to say hi, then open a message and say hi.
  • Please don’t be offended if I don’t choose to join your group or cause or event when invited or when I leave your Facebook group.
  • Please don’t bite. Friends protect friends from Vampires and Werewolves.
  • For that matter, don’t be surprised or offended if I don’t install a new app simply to interact with you. I have wall and an inbox. I don’t need a super-duper-pooper wall, or the in-biggity-box.
  • As a friend, please make an effort to communicate with me at least once a month, when possible. Try to maintain a running dialog.

Originally by Jeff Pulver, adapted by me. This is specifically for facebook, but has similar implications for most social networks.






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  1. Mike Millah Avatar
    Mike Millah

    I like that. If I still was publishing fibs and fables I probably would have printed that (with citation to the origional author).

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