Feast of Saint Thomas the Apostle

Thomas doubted and Thomas believed.

Sunday schools teach little kids about how stupid Thomas was for doubting Jesus, and that we all should just believe. That’s what good Christians do right? We aren’t supposed to have any questions, or struggle with our faith. Saying that there is some invisible patriarch in charge of this whole mess, intentionally allowing or disallowing all these atrocities to take place, oh, and lets not forget that like superman and his father, Jesus was sent from the heavens to save us all, and when he left he gave us a ghost to inhabit us… saying that that is the truth is just a simple rational exercise right? And we have our own book to prove it. Don’t doubt any of that, that would be wrong.

See the problem is, you have to doubt that story. Rationally it doesn’t make sense and never will make sense. Why my family and friends keep loving me, no matter how many times I screw up, doesn’t make sense. Why one man starving himself or being locked away in prison for years can change the fate of a nation doesn’t make sense. These are stories and actions any rational person would doubt.

Sola Fide.
Faith Alone.

So kids, go ahead and doubt. Just remember the other thing Thomas said to Jesus, “My Lord and my God.”






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  1. Mierow Avatar

    Awesome insight! Although I’m not sure I’d equate Krypton with the heavens (I heard there were a lot of social inequalities there). But I remember questioning/doubting different aspects of my faith growing up. It helped foster a lot of great discussions. This was a great reminder. Thanks TK.

  2. dwightk Avatar

    was the title change because someone gave you a hard time for calling yourself St. Thomas ? 😛

  3. dydimustk Avatar

    (p.s.) What title change?

  4. dydimustk Avatar

    Oh, I get it. You’re being funny. Sorry little bro. Sometimes I forget you’re funny.

  5. dwightk Avatar

    nevermind, I’m a dork

  6. Prayer Warrior Avatar
    Prayer Warrior

    What I learned in Sunday School and taught in Sunday School was that even the apostles – the men who hung around with Jesus in real life – had their moments of doubt. Peter couldn’t even trust Jesus for 30 seconds to walk out on the water. Thomas couldn’t believe Jesus was alive. Peter denied that he knew Jesus. Because these and other “supermen” doubted, we should not be condemned when we doubt. It is human nature to question and to be skeptical of concepts that don’t make sense. The GOOD NEWS is that Jesus stands by us…even if our doubt takes us far from Him or from His mission for our lives…and he answers our questions and doubts. That is basically what I got out of the “Doubting Thomas” story. The words “stupid” and “good Christians” never came up.

  7. kim Avatar

    yeah, but some people have been called “stupid” in so many words for doubting and it doesn’t just happen in children’s sunday school.

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