Four Years, 1 Day

Kimberly and I have been married now for four years and one day. Yesterday was great, beautiful, fun, and quite a celebration. And then I got up this morning at 5:30am to do homework.

I tell ya, I never get used to the whole be maried and living on a ‘going-to-college’ schedule. One of the exciting and interesting things about marriage is all the stuff that just comes up. When it comes up in the context of, “I’d love to take you to a bed and breakfast for a couple days, but I have too much homework,” it just seems a little funny.

Anyway, to sum up… I love my wife of four years, and I need to learn greek.
(Beautiful and inspiring huh?)






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  1. timsamoff Avatar

    Congratulations! So cool. 🙂

  2. dwight Avatar

    i got through a year and a half of college greek w/o knowing any greek…

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