Fresh Expressions/Network Co-ordinator

This would be a great job:

Church Army’s research unit, the Sheffield Centre, and the Archbishops Fresh Expressions Team are working together to support the development of mission-shaped fresh expressions of church. We think this task calls for the existence of series of learning networks centred around the creation of an evolving Online Guide to serve this young discipline. Much fuller details are available in the Phase 2 Fresh Expressions prospectus.

This post will involve:
• Developing and managing the Guide, with Michael Moynagh as editor and an editorial team
• Developing learning networks of practitioners using and modifying the Guide
• Ensuring its interactive engagement with the life of the Sheffield Centre and the Fresh Expressions team
• Being based at the Sheffield Centre, but being a member of both teams

If the following looks like you – please get in touch
• Commitment to Fresh Expressions of Church
• Excellent ability to network, with good interpersonal skills
• The ability to reflect theologically on practice
• The ability to communicate through a variety of media, to edit and develop a website
• The temperament of a self starter but who enjoys working in a team
• The aptitude of a life long learner

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