Geddit dun!

I have survived the first week of classes, and just in time for labor day. This will be a nice chance for me to catch my breath since I’m not paced for college again yet. Classes are great, and work is fun (I’m at the IT help desk)… but I’m very depressed about having to use a Winblows computer. It has been good to learn XP and the IIs server etc. so that when I’m forced to, I can write web stuff on those platforms. (Though I prefer UAMP… It would be LAMP, but I prefer Unix).

Anyway, I miss my G4PowerBook… someday…






2 responses to “Geddit dun!”

  1. dwight Avatar

    you should let kim use it 😛

  2. Kimberly Avatar

    Yeah Dwight for a while he was taking both computers everywhere…that’s until I spoke up and asked him if it was fair that he have two computers and I have none??? Well…now I have the mac. 🙂

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