Great Reminders from StartupCFO

Ran across this blog today thanks to Dan Martell and I really enjoyed a few of his comments.

Direct tie into revenue: If your service has a soft benefit (saves time, is more fun that the alternatives) you will have a harder time monetizing. But, if your product or service has a hard benefit (make more money, etc) then you’re off to the races.

Love: … gives their users a lot of love. This is something all web startups should do, yet I could list of tens of services that I have signed up for where I have heard nothing from the company. No attempt to onboard me properly. No attempt to increase my engagement.

Tiered pricing starting from free: … It starts with a complete free offering, but if I’m serious about using the app, I quickly need to start paying. The pricing plans enables me to start small and grow over time.

[ via Mark Macleod ]

I’m right in the middle of the process of trying to improve the amount of love that UserVoice gives our customers. Especially when it comes to helping them get their service configured to best engage their community.






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