jury duty

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Usually if you tell them you’re a student, they’ll “postphone” your service. (Apperently sleeping is class is a more valuable activity than sleeping in a courtroom – go figure!)

a) It’s not fun. The only plus side is that I’ve been able to do more reading than usual lately.

b) This is my postponement… I was supposed to do it in the middle of last semester. And since I’m not willing to give up my summer I had to take this between semester time.

c) thanks for making it bearable

I’ve been called twice, and sent a “juror questionaire” once. That’s what you get for voting!

No seriously, I do believe that jury duty is an honorable civic duty, but at the same time, there are extenuating circumstances. Generally, hardship pleas are taken seriously. I was called to jury duty in Ramsey County, MN, about four years ago. I pleaded hardship based on my being a student and not living there during my breaks. The opposite recently happened… jury duty for Wayne County, MI (courthouse in downtown Detroit) while I was living in St. Louis. I pleaded that my breaks weren’t long enough and were over holiday periods, preventing me from serving. If you plead hardship, they can at least put it off until summer. It isn’t worth missing school, it isn’t like you can make up that classroom time the same way as you can make up time on a job.

PS – Plead hardship by sending a letter along with your juror information card they send you. They explicitly say not to append any other information along with the card you’re supposed to return – enclose a letter anyway. It’s better than being forced to waste a day at the courthouse presenting your hardship before a judge.

Another PS…
Read your comment to your post a bit more closely and realized you’re serving right now. Disregard my advice, heheh.

nah man… I’ll step up to the plate.
Though I wonder what they would say if I wore a t-shirt that said “criminals should die.” and a smiley face to the Juror selection?

the Judge will just lecture you for being a dork… there is nothing they can do to make you a willing juror except appeal to civic responsibility, but they need willing jurors.

hey, how come I cant have your comments thinggy remember my stats?

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