My comment on Dave’s post about his new experiment called hoosgot.com. You can read their about page to learn more about the service, but basically it makes it really easy to ask a whole ton of people (the whole intarnets essentially) a question you are too lazy to answer yourself. Great idea. Great implementation of asking the question. We have yet to see how effective it will be at actually getting your question answered.

This was my comment to Dave:

I ran across doc’s post first, and posted this same thought there:

“The problem with the lazyweb is, well, it’s lazy. I’m inclined to believe that people need a champion or a deeply-seeded cause to invest enough into a technology to fuel its survival.”

I think hoosgot is a great idea, and I hope it succeeds. And your desire to “see how the data flows” leaves an impression on me. I do think, that there are several features that will need to be added to the service to overcome the ‘lazy’ aspect.

It’s easy to ask the questions. This services makes it easier to ask the question than any other service out there. But, currently, there is no motivation to answer.





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  1. Dara Avatar

    What would make Hoosgot different from any other Q&A site? Isn’t that what they all are? Places where people can get answers that are easily found online? Lol.

    At least FunAdvice has social networking aspects as well as Q&A, that sets us apart.

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