Horse and Buggy

This blog is losing it’s value.
Ok, it’s lost its value.

I’m not sure what it is, and for the two or three of you who still come here, there’s not much in it for you. I don’t even like listening to my own babbling. On the other hand, I have many thoughts bubbling under the surface, and and growing desire to write. I believe it might be time to learn the art of writing and publishing and practice the dicipline of intentionallity.

There is an undercurrent beginning to sweep me off my feet. I see it in the books I am reading. I keep hearing it in my conversations. It’s beginning to work it’s way into my dreams and even my life. It is the intentional life. The neo-monastic, missional, rediculous grace that changes lives, not religious preference. This is going to burst, but I’m holding it in. I will continue to read. I will continue to talk with friends and mentors. And I pray it will continue to invade my way of life. And then, I must begin to learn how to write. And these things will once again find their place on what ever this thing is.






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  1. timsamoff Avatar

    Well, we will be waiting, anyway. 😉

  2. tk Avatar

    thanks buddy

  3. JulieVW Avatar

    Mrs. Lighthall was a High School English teacher – we called her Mrs. Lighthead because she was kind of a ditz, but that’s completely irrelevant to this comment.

    Anyway, Lighthead would say that you already write well. She would take out that awful red pen and underline the “bubbling” “undercurrent” “bursting” and “invade” metaphors and then draw stars next to each of them. (Lighthead liked metaphors and hand drawn stars – I betcha your essays would get lotsa stars from mean ‘ole Mrs. Lighthall!)

    She also liked objects in our writings (key chains, telephones, sweaters, klenex -it didn’t matter what you used or how you used them, as long as there were objects somewhere in your essay).

    Alas, your only object is “books” (maybe “buggy” but I don’t think that counts). But that’s good too because on the re-write assingment you could throw in a few objects (“bubbling like a pot of sauce on a grandma’s stove“) and she’d go crazy – A+’s all around!

    But maybe the whole gransma’s stove objects is a little much – afterall, why would you trust writing advice from a woman named “Lighthead”??

    Enjoy your summer – read widely, think deeply, drink in the arts and cultue, and once in a while maybe drop me a line that says something profound (metaphors, objects, and red stars are optional!)

  4. tk Avatar

    Julie, you are always such a blessing.

    Thank you.

  5. Lara Avatar

    Well, I just got here…. so it hasn’t lost it’s value for me yet.

  6. Jon Avatar

    Well you know, I do read this. I just pretend I don’t most of the time. It still has value.

  7. Brandon Avatar

    I remember this one time when Thomas wrote things in this blog. . . . .yeah, those were good times. What happened to those times?

  8. pierced1 Avatar

    thomas – even if they seem like ramblings to you, or are ramblings in your brain – the best way to get rid of the ramblings is to spew it out. It is like drinking too much on a Sat. night. you know you have to sing in Church the next am and the only way you’ll be able to is to get rid of what is in your stomach…soo….(and I’m not promoting anything here)…you empty the stomach, the bubbling, gurgling stomach and the mind clears, you sleep well and you sing bass like you’ve never sung bass before.

    thats all I’m saying

  9. tk Avatar

    wow pierced1, that’s a great, though a little unsettling picture! 🙂

  10. kbartha Avatar

    While in seminary I asked God to teach me how to read and write. I’m dyslexic and have always had issues with letters and white space and contrast…Well, God taught me how to speed read and I’ve been experimenting with words since He told me to write a book after showing me Jeremiah 30:1 at a spiritual retreat at a Benedictine Monastery. My personal creative process is: Saturation. Incubation. Conception. Story-boarding. Consumation.

    Great stopping by. I’ll pray for you in this.

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