How I use Kapuno

TL;DR – Finally, a place to have meaningful conversations within a community.

Pretty much the only reason I blog is because I want to have meaningful conversation with people. Something that sits outside of all the social networks with all their noise, ads, and filter issues. They are great a collecting a ton of people, but they aren’t great (most of the time) for having meaningful conversations. Either they are so noisy and huge that I can’t expect real people to ever see the things I share, or they have so many ads and other noise that I can’t find the people I want to start conversations with. So, I blog and just share links out to those other networks. But, few people actually make it all the way through to the comments and jump in. They’re more likely to just like or favorite the link and keep scrolling.

Kapuno changes all of this. The focus is on conversations, instead of “publishing.” The communities of people are self-selected as actually interested in the topic, so they are entirely more likely to jump into the conversation. More things are relevant because deep conversations aren’t scattered between random links, baby pictures, and videos of hate crimes. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, ever since I started blogging in 1998.

I don’t have a general answer to how I use Kapuno. Since conversations are happening within different communities, each community is different. So, in some communities I am much more likely to start a conversation by sharing multiple links to resources, pulling out what is most interesting to me, and then asking some questions. In other communities, I am more likely to begin with a big question and chat through the options. Others are just silly and chatty.

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