How I use Path

TL;DR – At a minimum, we have slept under the same roof.

If you are not familiar with the YASN acronym, it stands for “Yet Another Social Network”. Yes, there are actually social networks for people who like to take pictures of their food. And social networks for people who want to leave the shortest reviews ever. And social networks for people who want to watch the same videos at the same time. So, I guess Path is the social network for people who only want to share certain things with certain people.

I have truly truly been blessed to have an unbelievable amount of amazing friends. So, how in the world am I supposed to decide who gets into my Path? One day I realized that the litmus test would be, “Have we slept under the same roof?”

In some ways that filter is arbitrary. But, in practice, it has proven to be a pretty accurate leading indicator of the type of relationship I have with some of my friends. Maybe I’ve crashed on your couch. Maybe you’ve visited our cabin. If we are family, we’re covered. But, more importantly, you always have a place to stay when you’re in my town… and I know I could call you up with my worst news and cry on your shoulder.

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