How I use Twitter

TL;DR – I share too much, and prefer to use lists.

Twitter has changed a lot since I first signed up in July of 2006. It was SMS only when I started, and there were only a few friends to ‘send updates’ to. These days, I’m following 5k+ accounts, and 10K+ follow me. I rarely look at the actual time line. Instead I have multiple lists and searches open in TweetDeck across several different personal and business accounts.

I have 0 expectations that anyone looks at everything I share on Twitter. In fact, I would feel bad for them if they did. Because I tend to share almost everything I write anywhere else on there. I share little updates through out my day. I ask questions. But, mostly, I respond to people I am seeing in my lists and mentions.

Obviously, I don’t follow everyone who follows me. And, not everyone I follow follows me back. I follow people who intrigue me, and who I am having interesting conversations with. And, I follow accounts of people and projects I just want to keep track of.

I’m not sure what Twitter is going to look like 9 years from now. I expect it will change even more in the next 9 years than it has up till now.

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