Illuminating the Word

I must make time to go see St. John’s Bible. This just looks really cool.






6 responses to “Illuminating the Word”

  1. Kimberly Avatar

    Yes! We are going to see that, it looks really awesome. I put it on my planner.

  2. Steve Dustcircle Avatar

    I dig the blog. I’m linking it to mine. Kewl? Be blessed….

  3. dwight Avatar

    hey loser… is there a way to make the RSS feed for your comments not useless?

  4. tk Avatar

    Steve, good to have you. and Dwight… I’ll work on it. Actually, I’m probably moving to Drupal soon.

  5. dwight Avatar

    I meant more along the lines of putting the comments in-line with the posts… right now I have to guess what post the comment goes with…

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