Ingress and Egress

1. Also in·gres·sion – A going in or entering.
2. Right or permission to enter.
3. A means or place of entering.

1. The act of coming or going out; emergence.
2. The right to leave or go out: denied the refugees egress.
3. A path or opening for going out; an exit.






One response to “Ingress and Egress”

  1. Cathy Avatar

    NOTE FROM MOM: I highly recommend that you “ingress” to bed by midnight every night so you can “egress” early each morning, ready to function on all cylinders so you can “ingress” your classes with more energy and attention, allowing you to “egress” at the end of each class with a firm handle on the knowledge that “egressed” from the professor, the text, and the classroom discussion. All of this will facilitate fruitful “ingression” to your daily ministry, allowing the Holy Spirit to work clearly and fluently through your words and actions rather than having to “ingress” and try to straighten out the maze of jumbled thoughts “egressing” from you mouth – a mazed caused by your failure to “ingress” to bed at a reasonable hour. Did this strong hint “ingress” your consciousness? If not, you might consider finding a quick “egress” i.e. “exit” because the wrath of your mama is heading that way!

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