Job, yes. Work, no.

I was back on the Concordia campus today. Everyone I had a conversation with asked me if I had a job yet. It was interesting explaining to people how one can have a job, but not have work. I “have” a construction job, which has a great hourly wage. But when I only work three hours in the week, it really doesn’t matter.

It looks like I am looking for a job.
Oh, that a job would find me.
But I’m not all that findable.
And jobs aren’t all that curious.
They’re content just hiding in their little offices.
Like last years easter eggs.

I can’t (rather, won’t) even list all the jobs I would love to have.
Too bad, they don’t pay like construction.

Maybe that’s my problem.
I’ve been looking for a job, when I should be looking for work.






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