Keep on questioning

I have a friend who is really struggling with her faith right now. I know that it doesn’t seem like a very good time for her, but I think we all need that dark night of the soul to find out what is real. It’s tough when all those “foundations” of your faith reveal themselves as sand, and you’re left with not much to stand on.

How do you find faith where there is none? When you once believed in a system and the God that the system told you about? The system nor that God, do not exist for me anymore.
I just want to be solid. I want to help, do good things, be successful and most of all understand the thoughts that i have.
” All you have to do is have faith” dosent work for me any more. I have graduated beyond Sunday School. I need more.
I need help.
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This is all I could think of to say:
The church lied.
They convinced everyone they could, that they needed answers. The answers that only the church could provide. They act like they are perfect and have golden glorious faiths. But they don’t.

I’m not even going to pretend like I have anything to offer you right now, mainly because I think you already have it. In fact I know you do.

The questions ARE the answer. We lose the answer when we stop asking the questions. It’s like nailing the beach to a board and hanging it on the wall… not much beach in your gallary, and certainly not anything like what is displayed in the open air gallaria.

DON’T nail down right answers. DO ask questions. DO care and love and try to help. DO get mad and frustrated. DON’T ever feel like you know enough. DON’T be content. DO reach for more. But Gruber, my only request that may not be fair of me to ask, but I am going to anyway, is this: Do be willing to be loved.

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