Keepin’ Up

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Our puppy–very big puppy–Immy likes to chase stuff that we throw. The funny thing is, her hind legs are much strong that her front, which means her butt often flys past her face when she gets close to the stuff we threw.

I’m in my 4th week at and I feel a bit like our puppy Immy. What I know how to do, has run ahead of what I know about the product. But, I’m catching up, and excited to play ball!






3 responses to “Keepin’ Up”

  1. John Pederson Avatar

    I stink. I didn’t even realize you switched jobs. 🙂


  2. Richard White Avatar

    You could have fooled me. You’ve been a sparkplug and we’re already a massively better team with you on board.

  3. Dwight Knoll Avatar

    yay! you are back!

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