Know my “Why”

Thoughts from Day1 of Develop a Writing Habit

“Why do you want to develop a writing habit? Do you want to write a book, blog more consistently, be a better communicator? Knowing why you are working on a writing habit will help fuel you when you start to lose momentum. So determine this first thing on Day 1. Hey, why not spend some time writing about why you want to start a writing habit?”

photo by Kristi Holl

I think better when I write. And, especially as my schedule gets even crazier and crazier with clippPR, I need to make time to think, or I’ll forget. So, making time to write, is making time to think.

I have a lot of friends who are doing a lot more writing these days. Some feel it is a replacement for the resumé. Others believe it makes them better founders. There are also folks who say that founders who write are wasting time writing instead of running their company.

That is probably true for trying to “publish” too many things. I’m not writing to “get published” I just want to write as a way of thinking.





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