Knowledge is Power

People who like to cite, “Knowledge is Power” are of two kinds:

  1. World Changers
  2. Micro-management idiots

The World Changers recognize that the power of knowldge is in giving it away–that by dispersing knowlege as broadly as possible, the greater collective is capable of producing change that no single power could ever achieve. They believe that the best way to help people overcome opression or famine or plague is through education. They give away the “secrets” to freedom, abundance, and health.

Unfortunatly, most people who spout off “Knowledge is Power” are micro-management idiots who think that the power comes from holding on to secrets they feel will control the masses. Many of those idiots even believe they are doing the masses a favor–that it is “for their own good.” They are sadly convinced they are powerful because they know something no one else does, and that they can create the outcome they desire by using this postion against others.

What powerful knowledge do you hold right now that you could give away?






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  1. Michael Bruder Avatar
    Michael Bruder

    This is an interesting post in light of the book I’m reading, “The 8th Habit.” It talks about the difference between greatness and mediocrity being the ability to “Inspire others to find their voice” or “keep others from finding and using their voice.”

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