Kombucha Wonder Drink

Karen Ward has me really curious about this Wonder Drink. It certainly got her brain racing. I just want to know what’s in it… unfortunately, It sounds like they do too.
Read for yourself: “Although people around the globe have drunk kombucha for its reported curative powers for centuries, many people want to know exactly what benefits Kombucha Wonder Drink will bring them. Unfortunately, we at KWD can’t really say exactly what experience any individual will have from our great drink (except an uplifting feeling). We can and do report what individual Wonder Drinkers tell us about their experiences. For most of us, the Wonder Drink experience is simply an opportunity to enjoy an aperitif with friends without the heavy sugar in traditional sodas or the alcohol in other fermented beverages. All this leads people to Wonder what’s in Kombucha Wonder Drink.” | [more]






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