last week of class

Well, this is the last week of class for the semester. I probably will not be posting much on here this week since I have so many papers to write. Ugh… it’s gonna be a crazy week.






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  1. JulieVW Avatar

    (-: Misery Loves Company!!!!!
    The official “JulieVW-Bad-Attitude-Paper-Writing-Tip-of-the-Day” is to just tell ’em what they want to hear, and save the brilliant stuff for later).
    Good Luck and Happy Writing!

  2. tk Avatar

    My problem is, that unless I have the external motivation to write these papers, I will never get my “brilliant stuff” down later. 😉

  3. tk Avatar

    even my MOM is telling me just to write what the professors want to hear…

  4. JulieVW Avatar

    hee hee — a big part of your college education is learning how to work the system (which is essentially saying what they want to hear)!

    As to external motivation – – ice cream with sprinkles (don’t skip the sprinkles) is a better motivator than professors with red pens (pouncing on every passive verb and split infinitive).

    Good Luck!

  5. tk Avatar

    So you’re saying that when I finnish all my papers you are going to buy me an ice cream cone?

  6. JulieVW Avatar

    No, No, No.
    No one said anything about ice cream CONES (especially not in exchange for completed school work). Ice cream WITH SPRINKLES was suggested as a motivator for writing brilliant stuff — There’s a HUGE difference!!!!

    JulieVW writing tip of the day – – ice cream and brilliance are far to precious to waste on silly little things like grades. (I feel an “Anti-Grade-Tirade” coming on. It’ll be absolutely brilliant. But alas, brilliance must wait until after the Systems Analysis Paper is complete. [sigh].

  7. dwight Avatar

    he he… I don’t have any finals 😛

    dang, forgot I’m writing a really big paper due in Feb… 10-20k words

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