Leave it Where You Want to Begin

One of my practices right now is to begin my day on a blank page. Or, more specifically, a blank screen. I finally realized that beginning my day in the urgent mode of triaging my many inboxes destroys my chances of getting into the important mode of setting goals for the day. After several weeks of practice, I have successfully formed the habit. But my form is still bad. It takes a couple minutes of closing windows, (and being distracted by the content), before achieving tabula rasa.

So, now I am adjusting my behavior further by making it a point to close my computer in the state I want to open it in.

I’m pretty sure we can find ways to apply this to other areas of our lives.





2 responses to “Leave it Where You Want to Begin”

  1. Josh Frank Avatar

    Related to this topic: what to do about “Open Tab Syndrome?”

  2. Dennis Keefe Avatar

    Thanks Thomas, I am going to give that a try and checkout WriteRoom also.

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