(a work in progress)

I have too many places to write the things I’m thinking about, and I neglect my blog most of all, because I really just want it to be a repository for all the ‘stuff’ I’m thinking and writing. So, I’m usuing venus to hack together a metablog of all my feeds and activities. It’s almost ready to go–it works great right out of the box–but I want to develop a better theme that makes use of microformats and more clearly indicates where each feed item comes from (i.e. delicious posts look like delicios posts and twitter status messages look like twitter status messages.) Information should be both easy to understand and easy to differentiate.

I have no (ok, few) delusions of grandeur. I’ll never be a major player in the blog world. In fact, very few ever will. There are too many blogs to read and far too little time. I don’t believe the value of blogs is going to be based on the number of readers, but how well the readership and interaction of said blog reflects it’s real world social network. Therefore, I want to make my blog very accessible to my own social network.

And here is the delusions of grandeur part: I’m toying with the idea of a life-purpose (TM) of helping the world share it’s ideas. They are after all the most valuable, exchangeable currency in the world. And I can only imagine how many of them are floating around there without wings. Untold ideas could be the worlds most unappreciated resource.






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