and aparently there is a character limit on the description you can have in (even though the client doesn’t tell you. Let me continue:

I like playing other peoples games, but I’ve never owned my own system. It always seems like I have so much else to be doing. But I took a second look at this game today because I realized that I don’t have anything ‘other’ to do. My schooling, my homework, my personal reading, my work, 1/2 my marriage (since we work together and both feel the same calling), my web development and feeds are all related to more effectively sharing Christ. I don’t have anything ‘other’ to do. So now, I have a game to play. Something to do that isn’t directly related to my lifes calling.






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  1. dwightk Avatar

    I like playing other pe…

    what? huh?

  2. dydimustk Avatar

    doh… fixed

  3. dwightk Avatar

    yeah, now fix the smart quotes… smart guy

    (I know they aren’t smart, but you don’t have to say that in front of them)

  4. dydimustk Avatar

    yeah…. that’s a problem between and wordpress. I gotta poke around and figure that one out.

  5. […] previously, I mentioned something about needing something completely “other” to do, since most if not all my work/school/reading/web/friends/free-time are related to the church. […]

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