Luther Sem

luthersemThis fall I start an MA at Luther Seminary. I don’t yet know exactly what it will turn into, it could stay an MA, it might turn into a M.Th. or even M.Div. It mostly depends on what best helps me reach my goal of being an apostle.

I am pretty much leaving this in the hands of everyone else. My only goal to be in apostolic ministry; I have no grand aspirations to become a pastor. But if everyone else tells me that I need to seek ordination to do the ministry I already feel called to, I guess I need to be able to take their guidance. We’ll see what happens.

These are the classes I will be taking:

  • God, Evil, and Suffering*
  • Synoptic Gospels: Luke*
  • Pentateuch*
  • Ministry with Young Adults

* Classes I get to take with Kim






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