Making Rain

I was interviewed today by Karl Biermann, for an article in the Mission Partners Focus newsletter on ministry with emerging, postmodern generations. We had a great conversation which reminded me that I want/need to make a little more rain.

I have to take the intiative if I want to help the church regain its vision. I need to realize that they just simply are not going to ask me to come back. So, I need to make the moves. First step is to finish up a few posts, to articulate a few things that currently just float around in my head. Step two is to get back in touch with Richard Mork, and see if we can collaborate again. My job has pulled me away from that world, and I need to make a point to step back in.






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  1. Josh Frank Avatar

    amen. i think you do. as much as i can say so from this distance and our sporadic interaction.

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