Missin the Porch

Missing the porch again this week.


I did get to chat with my friend Riley this afternoon though. It’s been a couple months since we’ve talked do to his relocation to a new home, job, life, etc. I was telling him that the Porch has been very refreshing to Kim and I. It’s sadly surprising to be a part of a church that is focused on community and living out the gospel. I don’t see us taking off anytime soon, but we are starting to wonderin if we shouldn’t be asking some of those same questions in our own context. It feels slightly odd driving over to another community to get together with a group of Christians and try and determine what it means to be the church in that community. So, we’re praying about being more intentional about being the church in our own context. I will say much more about this later, once we have a better idea of what that means.

Meanwhile, it’s been a busy couple days:
– hung out with our friend Melissa and watched Catch Me if You Can. What a great film.
– hung out with Jeanniecool of #joiito fame, which was awesome because not only did I get to meet a really cool person, but #joiito has shifted into meatspace for me.
Kimberly and I have discovered the joys of Yerba Mate. Mmmmmm.
– I have eaten half my weight in pumpkin pie.

Now I just have to finish this school year strong. I decided that the thing that is driving me the most going back into school now, is that I want to write papers that I would be willing to post on here. Which is of a much higher caliber than what I would have to write just to get a good grade in my classes. Ironic ehh?






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  1. J-Mo Avatar

    Ah, Yerba Mate. Good tea. Try Guyaki? You can pick it up at mississippi market.

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