My new nickname: 15052008292


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When Loic Le Meur titles a photo of you as 15052008292, it just might be your new name.

The carpeted floor of 88 howard has been my home for the last week. (I share it with two hangers and a 1/2 rotten apple.) Apparently these places are called ‘Executive Apartments’. I’m not sure what that means, but I *am* sure that it has one helluva view.

I came out to SF to work at the Seesmic offices this week, and was quickly invited to move out and join the team full time. I’ll have to write up more later, once I get home from this trip.






6 responses to “My new nickname: 15052008292”

  1. John Pederson Avatar

    Be careful out there. That place is about to slide into the Pacific. You still have a home back in the midwest at said point in time. 🙂

    Good luck!

  2. Josh Frank Avatar

    Serious congratulations are in order.

    If you’re in SF and I make it to SD, we’ll only be 7h 45m apart; much closer than the 18h or so from Minneapolis to Scranton.

  3. Ruth Marie Sylte Avatar

    Congratulations. Handy-dandy tip from one who has made the move before (and then moved back): With a few adjustments, the winter/blizzard survival kit currently in your car can become the earthquake survival kit you’ll need out there.

  4. dydimustk Avatar

    John – you aren’t kidding. And when I was landing in SFO, I couldn’t believe how close the whole town was to being under water. ?!? Meh, we’ll do what we do! =)

  5. John Avatar

    Thanks for your comments! Appreciate the response on seesmic as well.

    Take it easy man!

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