If all you have ever read is my blog, then you probably wouldn’t even notice that there are some major changes taking place at I am changing the format so that will be a place for me to publish more intentional writing on the renewal of the Church, and I’m giving myself official and mental permission to make this blog, just a dumplog of random thoughts and my daily goings-on.

Here is the offical statement on the new about page of the site: is the personal website of Thomas Knoll. I am learning and exploring what it means to be a Christian, husband, apostle, student, singer, hacker and writer. I expect these are all things I will never fully understand nor complete, but are all journeys I would take regardless the outcome.

My passions, abilities, hopes, and dreams are for the renewal of the church. My interests are scattered but my passion is gathered, which means the focus of the content on this site will be for the renewal of the Church. If you are just trying to keep up with my goings-on, then you want my personal blog. If I can help you or your church explore ways to be incarnational–to live Christ into your everyday lives–then I would love to walk with you.






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