No Small Wonder

Just picked up a free cd by No Small Wonder, a local guitar band. They sound great! They have a free concert this Saturday at Ginko Coffe House, 9pm. I might go check them out.






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  1. David Avatar

    Hey! Thank you for checking out the CD. Where did you get it? Did you make it to Ginkgo or not? Either way it would be cool to meet you because your blog is very impressive and I’m really digging some of your ideas like neo-monasticism. Very Cool. Keep in touch!

  2. tk Avatar

    Hey David,

    The CD/Sticker/Schedule/Ticket was in an info stand at Concordia, St. Paul. I picked it up just to see what it was, and discovered quite the gift. We didn’t make it out Saturday night, but I’m hoping to get to Dunn Bros.

    Glad you like the site, and I look forward to seeing you guys live, and hopefully connecting!

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