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I’m hearing more and more about intentional co-living innovation communities. Nothing new. They’ve been around forever. But, I wonder if there might be something interesting we could do here related to the startupblockLV?

The Global Lifestyle Project is about living and working from a limited number of well defined and carefully chosen ‘home’ bases around the world, unique to every individual. This affords the benefits of a nomadic lifestyle – shifting horizon, avoiding status quo, not taking things for granted, constant flow of inspiration, with those of being settled – strong social and business networks, understanding how the city, culture and business conventions operat

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Rainbow Mansion is an intentional community of driven, international, passionate, and socially conscious people trying to change the world.

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The SF Embassy is an experiment in intentional living. We seek out those who want to lead examined lives and be around those who will challenge and support them in making a positive impact. We offer short- and long-term accommodations, as well as event and community space. The houses is operated collaboratively by the residents.

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As a school we educate young creative entrepreneurial spirits. We believe it is our job to enable, facilitate, empower and inspire our students to become change makers.

As a platform we connect our students, partners, staff, advisory board and a wide network of professional and volunteer experts/contributors to share talents, creative ideas and inspiration. We aim to initiate positive change.

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TheGlint is a live-work community that accelerates the creation and creators of value. It aspires to shift the conception of heroism from historical warrior ideals to a new paradigm of creativity, collaboration and innovation.

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If you are an entrepreneur visiting Silicon Valley, Blackbox Mansion is the best place for you to stay and make your very first connections here.

We host regular events and workshops with serial entrepreneurs, experts and investors. Living in Blackbox during your stay in Silicon Valley gives you a unique opportunity to build relationships and share your vision with people similar to you.

Blackbox Mansion is available exclusively for entrepreneurs. Unless you are a company we accelerate, you can stay here for up to 3 weeks.

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Creative workspaces for entrepreneurs

Training for startup founders and events to connect with like-minded people

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