Kim and I really want to explore what a nu monasticism looks like. We have this constantly morphing picture in our minds of what this looks like, but it’s really difficult to explain. TallSkinnyKiwi: Getting a House? explains at least one facet of what we are dreaming.

We were originally thinking of a monastic setting outside the town, but feel better about this scenario – an urban monastic center that is decentralised so that we dont have to buy all the buildings. Having a hostel up against the house and a hotel and pub about 10 feet away will allow us to function like a monastery/pilgrimage centre without having to buy one. Anyway, appreciate prayer for God’s smile on this one…






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  1. timsamoff Avatar

    Read the (very long) PDF contained in this post:

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    Hey Tim,
    Thanks for the link. What a great read. Sorry it took so long to reply to your comment on here. I just realized we were having an email conversation instead of a comment conversation (I gotta fix that).

    Anyway, thanks for bringing that to my attention.

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