Off to Visit Luther

Well, I’m off to visit Luther Seminary today. Here is my schedule:

7:30 breakfast with student host Rob Godsall-Myers, meet at the Information Desk in the Olson Campus Center

8:00 “Worship” taught by Prof. Sara Henrich and Prof. Mons Teig, with Rob (NW 100)

9:00 Krista Lind, ELCA Candidacy and Placement (NW 120)

9:30 Ron Olson, Admissions (NW 210)

10:00 worship in the Chapel of the Incarnation, with Rob, meet at theAdmissions Office, then meet student host Jason Bryan-Wegner at the Information Desk

10:40 “Confessing Christ” taught by Prof. David Fredrickson and Prof. Gary Simpson, with Jason (GH 103)

11:30 campus tour and lunch with Jason

1:10 “Comparative Confession” taught by Prof. Nancy Koester and Prof. Michael Rogness, with student host Wayne Gallipo (BH 116)

3:10 “Galatians and Corinthians” taught by Prof. Craig Koester, with student host Barbara Bruneau (BH 116)

Then I’m just going to find some people to hang out with, walk around campus, find Marry Hess, check out the bookstore and/or whatever else comes along. I’m excitied!






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  1. Kimberly Avatar

    I am excited for you. Have a great time. I luv you.

  2. tk Avatar

    Thanks georgeous, it was awesome. I want to start tomorrow. I guess I need to focus on patience though (for a while anyway). Now I’m just going to sit for a couple hours and reflect and chill.

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