OPML Trading

One of my teachers, Mary Hess, has a very high value to post ratio. Most people I read hover around 60%. I am very interested in about 3 of ever 5 posts they publish. The other are worth reading, because they deepen my relationship with that person, but I don’t feel a need to star their post in google reader, or post to del.icio.us for later reference, or really ever think about it again. Mary on the other hand messes with my flow, and gives me more good posts than I know what to do with.

So, I asked her what she reads. Because, apparently, I should be reading whatever she is reading. So she sent over and OPML file of her feeds. (Basically, one large file that lists a bunch of RSS feeds.) It’s been great!

I highly recommend this:

  1. Pick someone who’s blog really inspires you
  2. Point them to this post, or describe the value in your own words
  3. Ask if they’re willing to share their opml with you
  4. Enjoy!

When I try this again, I might approach:






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