God gave Paul a thorn in his side, but he’s giving me an icepick in mine. It feels like I might die. It’s probably just bad heartburn or gas. I appreciate the reminder that I’m not invincible. (What’s the opposite of invincible–vincible? Can one be ‘vincible’?) If nothing else, these pains drive me to write. I would hate to die and never release all my thoughs and passions out into the world for other people to deal with. So, you can pray for healing, or laugh at my lack of pain tolerance; but, either way I think I’ll live with this icepick in my side for a while–to remind me of God’s riches.






2 responses to “ouch”

  1. Kimberly Avatar

    That scares me…

  2. Steve Avatar

    Glad to read your blog. Been away for some time. Nice to see you’re still online. Sorry about the icepick. :S We’ll have to pray that away, or for patience and contentment to deal with it, as cliche or insensitive that might sound. God bless. Steve

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