parents, poultry, and productivity

Thomas: “Hey mom, I got a job.”

Mom: “That’s great sonny! Are you excited?”

Thomas: “I will be as soon as I’m actually working there.”

Mom: “Oh, that’s right. I forgot that about you. Your father was telling someone the other day, “Not only does Thomas not count his chickens ’till they’re hatched; he doesn’t count them until they’re fully grown up and he’s eating them.“”

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Actually, I would probably say the emphasis is on “Parents, Poultry, and PATIENCE!” You have encountered some unique situations with jobs that would have tried the patience of Job — we could even call them Job’s jobs :—). Seriously, Son, you have taught me some valuable lessons about listening to God’s guidance and about forgiveness and about standing on principle, especially principle based on statements such as the one made in response to a question by Thomas in John 14:6. My prayer is simply that earthly, logistical challenges be minimized so your ministry can be maximized. Amen.

[…] My mom writes: Is that the sound of a cracking egg I hear up north? Seriously, when do you start working at CSP? Where is your nest / office / cubicle / work space? Is this an 8 to 5 M-F job? Do you get time off similar to Dad’s staff position (between Christmas and New Years, Thurs and Fri of Thanksgiving, Thurs and Fri of Spring Break, Good Friday, etc.)? Do you get health benefits? Is Jason your boss? What is your job description? Do you wish I would quit asking questions? […]

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