Peace of all peace

The peace of all peace
be mine this night
+ in the name of the Father,
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.

How is it that no matter how hard you try not to pick a scab… somehow, sometime, it gets caught on something. Maybe even in your sleep. It has been well guarded for days, maybe even weeks, but then out of nowhere there’s a little piece sticking up. And it just keeps getting rubbed the wrong way, and irritated by the strangest of circumstances, until you’re madly digging a dead piece of flesh off your body. Which wouldn’t be so bad except that it was there for a reason, and trying to protect something that was healing underneath.

I couldn’t tell you exactly what the scab was, or what was healing beneath it… but something caught a scab today, and I’m left with a strong desire to pull the rest of it off.

At the very least, it either needs to get cold and snow like a motha so I can play hockey, or it needs to warm up so I can enjoy the outdoors again. But I don’t need any more of these pretty dang cold rainy days.






4 responses to “Peace of all peace”

  1. JulieVW Avatar

    Look what you did . . . It’s **SNOWING** (I hold you personably responsible!) And you want it to get COLD too?? (You’re killing me!) Let’s just play indoor hockey (or floor hockey, or street hockey) like the rest of the world and skip this frigid insanity!

  2. tk Avatar

    But it’s so beautiful outside… and hockey. Mmmmmm.

  3. JulieVW Avatar

    Heehee! You should check out the “Me Like Hockey” song (by The Arrogant Worms)

  4. tk Avatar

    Me work hard 5 days a week
    Sweeping garbage from the street
    Come home not want book to read
    Not ’nuff pictures for me see
    Sit right down in favourite chair
    Wearing only underwear
    Favourite night is Saturday night
    ‘Cause me can watch hockey fights
    Me Like Hockey!
    Me not like pro basketball
    ‘Cause me short and they all tall
    Baseball slow like Forrest Gump
    ‘Cept when Robby spits on ump
    Wrestlemania not so great
    Me like to see Hulk Hogan skate
    TV soccer not so hot
    You play bad then you get shot
    Me Like Hockey!
    Swedish players must be geeks
    ‘Cause they still got own real teeth
    Not like Finnish players names
    What’s a Teemu anyways?
    Russians worse in history
    Got stupid names like Valery
    Me like Sergei Federov
    Me like him more if head were off
    ha! ha! ha!
    Me Like Hockey!
    Please Mr. Linseman let the players
    Friends come over put game on
    Argue then we lat bets down
    Got bag of chips and case of Bud
    Should last till end of first period
    But Yankees they win the World Cup
    Me think the cheat use glowy puck!
    Maybe if we want to win her
    Maybe we should play in winter
    Me Like Hockey

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