photo tips from a loser

I’m not a great photographer.
I don’t even have a decent camera.
Once I have a camera (hint), I will take awesome pictures and post them all over Flickr.

However, I do know enough about photography to know what I don’t like about most peoples pictures, so here is how to be a pro amateur photographer:

  • Do not make people line up and look at you
  • Do not use your flash. Ever. (Unless you have to).
  • Do not put the subject (the point of the picture) in the middle of the picture. Instead, but it towards one of the corners. make the picture go somewhere
  • After that, you’re on your own… go read a book on it or something






3 responses to “photo tips from a loser”

  1. dwight Avatar

    yeah, teh flash sux

  2. Ryan Torma Avatar

    I am not a personal fan of using a flash. But a few rare people can use a flash beautifully using it almost all the time. Martin Parr is such a person.

  3. dwight Avatar

    One good thing to do if you have to use a flash is to diffuse it somehow… I put a couple of papertowels/napkins over the flash and use a rubberband to hold it down…

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