SITREP 2020.03.11

Pondering: This quotation from Peter Drucker:

Make sure the best ideas in your organization have fierce advocates to see them through a test in the marketplace.

Peter Drucker

I’ll definitely talk more about this later, but we launched the Revelry startup studio. We are evaluating and launching and killing companies now. (Ask Me Anything.) The magic is we already have an exceptional capacity to research, build, grow, market, iterate, validate, etc. all these Market Problems. The number one unknown variable is always going to be ‘Who is going to be the fierce advocate for this company?’ It’s a fun problem to have, but one we need to solve every single time.

Reading: “Inspired: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love

Nothing to say yet. Just added to the top of the pile this morning because someone at Revelry started a book club and picked this book.

Question: Am I building the rocket, or piloting the rocket?

I am not saying nobody can do both. I am not saying you cannot quickly iterate on building and then piloting and then building. Actually, there is a lot to be said for being an actual user of the product you are building. But, it seems like there are some very different tools and processes that should be used while piloting (and generating ideas on how to improve) than when building (and trying to change the system). All I am saying is that I like to be cognizant of which hat I am wearing at any given moment so that I can use the best tools for the job at hand.






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