Pulling through

No, I’m not dead. Rather, I’ve been very alive lately. Beginning my oblate novitiate with Saint Johns Abbey in Collegeville, MN. Presenting at HighEdWebDev2007 in Rochester, NY. Stumbling around NYC, NY with my wife. Starting a new job at Concordia. Talking about some new opportunities with some very interesting people.

So, no, I’m not dead. And I’m very sorry I haven’t been writing, when I probably have a higher concentration of things to write than I have had in ages. I’m just overwhelmed.

One time, I was in a canoe on a lake between Texas and Oklahoma. We were a good 2 miles from the island we were going to camp on when a huge storm jumped over the horizon and threatened to land in our little canoe. Rain started pouring and lightening was striking somewhere (other than our heads.) I felt like letting go of my paddle and giving up. For about 30 seconds. Then I just put down my head, and pulled through that water harder than I have pulled anything before or since.

We made it to shore, stretched a tarp between two trees, and sat down before I realized how quickly we made it across the lake.

Tomorrow, I get to put my head down, and start pulling through my list. Once I make it to an island, I’ll let you know what I’ve been up to lately. Thanks for riding out the storm with me.






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  1. Johnny Hilbun Avatar
    Johnny Hilbun

    yeah, i was there with you on texhoma, it didn’t seem too trying to me!

  2. dydimustk Avatar

    Just because you’re so much more awesome than me, doesn’t mean it wasn’t scary for me!

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