Reading “The Big Idea Collected”

Strathern, Paul. “The Big Idea Collected: 6 Revolutionary Ideas that Changed the World.” 1999.
– Newton & Gravity
– Einstein & Relativity
– Hawking & Blackholes
– Curie & Radioactivity
– Turing & Computer
– Crick, Watson & DNA

All I know is that I might have some hope to make it in this world. All these people didn’t quite fit the system but rather followed their dreams. That gives me hope. Maybe he could do a book on Luther & The Reformation. Maybe it will be about me instead.

todo: Read His 90 minute Philosophers series – More Einstein – More Hawking

“If A is sucess in life, then A = x+y+z, where x=work, y=play, and z=keeping your mouth shut.” – Einstein






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