Reall… Live… People.

Tonight was good.
Life has been quite stressful these last couple days. It’s not easy to get a job, sign up for school, find an apartment, and all without a wife. I miss her. A lot.

But while I was changing my location for Indie Allies, I discovered that dan hughes is in the area, so I dropped him a note. Well, within a couple hours we were down in the deep ellum area of downtown dallas grabbing some food and talking about life. After interrupting Shanna’s yoga and looking around her place, (including a little fiasco on the roof) we went over to the Rudd’s.

I’m getting really tired, so I’ll just say this:
We had some great conversations.
It’s always good to know you aren’t alone.
I can’t wait to connect with these guys again.






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  1. angela Avatar

    hay how are y people in here

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