Reciprocity is broken

Many social networks have built in tools and workflows which have broken a healthy sense of reciprocity, forcing it where it doesn’t make sense, and not providing enough insight to decide when it does.

I am really noisey on my uservoicetk twitter account. Almost everything I say there is a reply to someone who has a question or comment about I can’t imagine anyone would want to follow that account, but I want to follow tons of people there. I find value in what others are saying about uservoice and about customer feedback in general. But, others probably won’t find any value in what I am saying, unless I am addressing them directly. (In which case they’re going to see my mention to them anyway.)And, yet, I’m fairly sure that some of my following/unfollowing activities will be perceived as offensive, because of an underlying assumption that reciprocity is the norm on twitter.

Do you value reciprocity on twitter?






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