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It is fall. The temperature has not fallen, in fact this is one of the most beautiful days we have had all summer. But the air smells different. When I woke up this morning, I just could feel a new season in my chest.

It is also a new season spiritually. We have come through a dark night. Our loneliness has been replaced by a great hope and we can clearly see longer days ahead. So spiritually we are into spring and beginning to realize there will be hot days ahead. Wildfires and dry crops are a possible side affect, and we realize this. But winter has at least receded for now.

As we move into this time of seeking to live out love in real and tangible ways, I will need to learn what to do with the weekends at the cabin. In some ways I feed guilty about laying around up here when people are suffering elsewhere. I suppose I need to reconsider my time here as a sabbath, as retreat, as a time set aside for contemplative prayer. Jesus withdrew to pray, and I am learning to be more like him.

I am asking him to teach me to pray. Again. I am learning how to allow my life to become a prayer, and I strive for colloquy.






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