R.I.P. (maybe)

I have been using emacs-planner for a while and it has been a great friend to me. But there have been a number of changes over the last couple of months that have taken away the functionality and reliability it had.

As far as I’m concerned “Trust Your System” is the number one rule to GTD. And right now, I don’t trust my system.






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  1. dwight Avatar

    I commented… why did you delete me?

  2. tk Avatar

    You probably got buried in the casino spam comment burrying frenzy

  3. dwight Avatar

    my thoughts are usually as cogent

  4. Sacha Chua Avatar

    Oh no! I’m so so so so sorry!

    Planner is a trusted system for me, but that’s probably also because I don’t upgrade all the time. I upgreade very, very carefully. Even then, auto saves and backups have occasionally saved my life.

    I’m really sorry about this. What can we do to help you trust Planner more? I can help you roll back to a version you liked–just tell me the date, or use tla to extract it yourself…

  5. tk Avatar

    I think my problems are 1. I’m running this on Winblows+cygwin. 2. I don’t know how to do the tla stuff. 3. I don’t know enough about emacs or lisp to beat it into submission.

    For me to trust the system, I have to get back to the point where I could publish my files. I have not been able to do that since the whole muse fiasco. I gotta get back to emacs-wiki.

  6. Sacha Chua Avatar

    sacha-dev-emacs-wiki.zip and sacha-stable-emacs-wiki.zip have old-but-probably-still-okay versions of Planner/Emacs-wiki. Hope that helps! Thanks for pointing out that we still need .zips of Planner/Emacs-wiki =)

  7. tk Avatar

    I got it back running under emacs-wiki. Thanks for your help! emacs planner is blessed to have someone who cares as much as you involved in the community.

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