scheduling productivity

I really want to read my email in emacs via gnus since that would make it much easier to make email based tasks. Now that gmail has given us access to our email via IMAP, this *should* be easier now. But I’m still having trouble getting things setup correctly. I may need to sit down with it for a few hours to get everything up and running. (But I have way too many projects I need to “sit with” for a few hours. So I need to put this project on the calendar for Christmas break.







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  1. quantumliz Avatar

    Hullo! Do you still want to sync your palm in emacs? (This is you–>)

    I have a palm TX. I used to be a geek of some accomplishment (unix-wise, anyways). I could even remember how to program in Lisp, if I had to. 😉 I want emacs on my TX — to use as a text editor. I hadn’t even thought about the sync-ing idea. So anyway, would you like to discuss what might be involved in porting emacs to Garnet (i.e. Palm OS V)? If you’re interested? No commitment required; I’m just wondering why no one’s done this. There must be more rabid geeks than I am out there. I mean, really. 🙂 I’m not sure off-hand what would be entailed in getting the (multiple?) conduit(s?) to sync with a little emacs add-on. But it sounds do-able.

    Thanx for listening to me!.

  2. dydimustk Avatar

    I would still love to see it happen, but I had completely given up. =( I still have my old palm, but haven’t used it since switching to emacs. Let me know if you *do* decide to play around with it.

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