Sitrep 2018.12.20

Listening to: A Seasons Past by Hirotaka Shirotsubaki

– backing up all my photos and videos and instagram exports
– mentally and emotionally and somatically recovering from losing 3/4 of our stuff
– catching up on stuff that fell through the cracks while everything was on hold
– being a better father and husband and friend and coworker

– 2018 year in review
– 2019 personal OKRs

thinking about:

Even though I am not yet able to spend the time and energy that I would like on my 2018 review and 2019 planning, I have found a mental landmark, which is a shortcut to a spot I can dump all the little thoughts that pop up now and then. My tl;dr shitty first draft — if I don’t get time to do more at least I got something — version is, that I want 2019 to be the year that I get really good at making daily room for both urgent and important work.

Rocks and sand… pingpong balls and rice… that kind of stuff.






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